VICANO floor & wall materials:

Raggi Cave srl (Raggi Quarries Ltd) was born from the fusion of two of the oldest artisan firms in Florence that from 1919 have extracted and worked the stone of S.Brigida.

In the decades the stonemason techniques were passed down through four generations and this now allows us to offer both mechanically processed products and handmade products (processed with a chisel, a stonemason?s chisel, a stone hammer, a bush-hammer, ashlar, flamed, etc..) in a range that goes from the simplest products (paving, flagging, jambs, stairs, creased, etc..), to the most processed ones (fireplaces, coats of arms, ornate stone of any kind, capitals, columns, fountains, planters, etc..).

The stone that emerges in the area of S.Brigida is part of the sandstone of Mount Senario and is a stone for decoration of great value for aesthetic qualities, workability and carvability. It differs, for its compositional characteristics, physical-mechanical properties and durability, from other types of stone wrongly called Serena stone. The inactivity of the classical sandstone quarries of Maiano and Gonfolina makes it the only type of stone homogenous to the historically existing one in the area around Florence; it can be used both for replacements and for the achievement of new works.

The quality of the stone of Santa Brigida and the quality of a process still able to offer traditional techniques and elaborate ornamentation, have ensured that stone artifacts made in Santa Brigida have been and continue to be required for a lot of the main monumental restoration in Florence and in Tuscany.


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