VICANO floor & wall materials:

Vicano currently distributes in Italy several lines of products covering important and significant segments of the market. These materials and products are emblematic and special, carefully selected directly in the countries of origin. For technical or aesthetic reasons, they correspond to a targeted use in aesthetic or functional contexts.


logo-alteret-mini     Alteret
Since 1891, this company has produced, according to an ancient tradition of craftmanship, the traditional handmade terracotta of Valencia. The pink tint with shades of light beige.
logo-aitmanos-mini     Ait Manos
It may surprise you that in front of the sandy expanses of the Sahara, in the ancient imperial cities of Morocco, was born, more than five centuries ago, one of the most beautiful and extraordinary creations of art craft.
raggi-cave     Raggi Cave
One of the oldest artisan firms in Florence. It was founded in 1919 and deals with everything related to the stone, from excavation to processing and restoration. We have digged and worked the stone of Santa Brigida for five generations, handing down the craft skills of the stonemasons.

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